All of this software is copyright Matthew Clapp. It's mostly "alpha" quality.

Data Acqusisition

Simplefast and src2dig

Simplefast.exe is a windows program that takes a text file input and outputs the contents as digital signals on a National Instruments 6533 or 6534 card. src2dig is a perl interpreter front-end that allows you to write in a script language to make it all work nicely.

File Synchronization

Hookline Syncer

hlsyncer is a perl program I wrote to synchronize two directories. I needed it to synchronize a USB hard drive with two separate computers.

Software Tips

The tips are mine, but I didn't make the software.

Palm Desktop

Palm Desktop is a really lame program, but unfortunately the best simple program to synch your palm pilot to your windows desktop. One of its most moronic features is the inability to install easily on windows for multiple users (other than the Administrator.) Here's how to get it to work for regular users.