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CMOS self-portrait Who is this mysterious man? It's me, shot using an imager chip of my own design. The chip is full-custom VLSI, using Active Pixel Sensors to receive the light. My chip does other stuff, too, but this image was the most convenient thing to put on a web page.

For more frequent (and possibly less interesting) life updates, check out my personal "online journal". Or look at all journal entries, even the nerdy ones. Or for an even more comprehensive and less comprehensible listing, see the index.

This page now uses Cascading Style Sheets, and I couldn't be more proud of myself.

Here is the most demonic picture ever taken of me. It was a response to criticism at the time that I "was always closing my eyes for every one of these pictures!" (My housemate has a camera with an evil red-eye flash that seems perfectly timed to make me blink right when it takes the picture.) This picture has been doctored to remove the horrible redeye (irony?) but I can't decide if it's creepier to have big black pupils or big red ones. Both of them seem wrong--but it could just be the picture. That's my housemate Alexis next to me, looking afraid...very afraid.

Vaccaro's, Sep 28, 2003

pure insanity

I usually try to put the most recently-occurring stuff at the top of this page, but I'll make an exception in this case because I just scanned these photos in. Check out the 2-story tall waterslide my friends and I made for Senior Ditch Day at Caltech.

Right now I live in Baltimore where I am going to grad school at Johns Hopkins University. I'm in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, where my advisor is Ralph Etienne-Cummings .

I was in Telluride Colorado in July 2001 for the Neuromorphic Engineering workshop. (What is Neuromorphic Engineering you may ask? The short answer can be found on the 2001 T-Shirts: "Chip for brains.")

Here's a picture I took near Telluride while clinging to the side of a mountain:

mountain greenery

Here's my roommate, Alexis:

carwheeling girl


www access_log humor

Moon girl:

    Juniper \Ju"ni*per\, n. [L. juniperus, prop., youth-producing, and so
    called from its evergreen appearance]
    The English word "gin" comes from the French word genievre, which means
    "juniper," the name of the berry which gives gin its distinctive, bitter

In August 1998 my cousin Chris and I drove across the country in an awesome road trip. It was the most fun I've had in a long time. (Maybe that's because I'm in grad school.) We spent two weeks driving from San Francisco to Baltimore, with a heavy emphasis on Southern Utah and Northern Arizona (beautiful!) We visited many National Parks and camped under the stars at night. I would highly recommend going to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah--it was by far our favorite, and put the Grand Canyon to shame.

[Sleep-deprived, dishelved, dirty Matt and Chris]

Here are my cousin and I in Wyoming. (I'm on the left.) We had just gotten through the whole state of Colorado at night--there were no vacancies anywhere. (Something about a "Peach Festival".) In this picture, we stink.

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Here is a bald eagle and a peregrine falcon. Cool, huh?

And here is a man enjoying a Big Mac.

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