Documentation and Helpful Links

Fedora Core 3 Notes

My weary diary of a novice (me) getting a Fedora system up and running on my own computer.

Linux Documentation Project--Mirrors

THE place to look for Linux information.

POST Errors

Here is a description of the cryptic ways your PC's BIOS tells you something's wrong--a table explaining the beeps or numbers it displays.

Understanding the Linux Kernel

Otherwise known as "The Linux Kernel". David A. Rusling's well-written account of how linux and most modern UNIX's work.


X Windows Applications FAQ

Really good listing, reviews, screenshots of many X applications that you may want to try.

Linux Software Map

A convenient way to search for linux software.

New Files On Sunsite

The most recent additions to UNC's Sunsite FTP site.


A "Matlab-like" matrix/math package with 2D, 3D graphing, etc.


A hack I did in PERL which removes all LineFeed characters from a file. Useful for using DOS text files in a UNIX environment. This was one of my first Perl programs, and is included here for historical or humor value. (But it works!)